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Everything Depends on Network Transformation

你的客户的旅程是怎样的,你能对其进行优化吗? 当你试图设计交互式的数字客户和员工体验时, whether through connected devices, new applications, automation technologies, enhanced security controls or moving to the cloud, your need for improved performance, monitoring and security will grow significantly. To stay cost efficient, 您需要改造您的网络,以支持数字化转型的新要求. Want to learn how?

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Rise of the Digital Consumer: Are you Ready?

你是否在考虑直接面向消费者的电子商务等数字解决方案, internet of things, connected smart homes, demand-driven supply chains, or innovation via customer collaboration?

ISG已经为全球消费品公司开展了数百次活动. From your procurement to your network, software, next-gen sourcing and benchmarking needs, ISG brings deep industry, 市场和十大娱乐老平台的洞察力和解决方案,帮助您实现战略目标.

Your Employees Need Flexibility

优化员工体验、技术采用和投资回报率. ISG can help you provide the security, strategy, 灵活性和工具,让你的员工适应新的工作方式, collaborate and increase productivity. 

Your Customers Demand Digital

Reimagine your online retail channel with us. 我们将帮助您在供应链中利用数据和智能自动化, forecasting and back office, 采用数字化解决方案来优化您的流程,并直接接触到您的消费者. 

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TechXchange: Retail / Consumer Packaged Goods 2021

加入TechXchange: Retail / CPG,了解您的组织如何为这个新的商业时代做准备.

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